Aaron Godina has always been a creative tinkerer and we can thank a knee injury for reconnecting the man with his art. Mind surfing through the dreamscapes he was creating, Aaron found his style and confidence and motivated his way through his recovery. Like a young boy doodling his escape to a mystery land, this grown man, surfer, father of twins and all round radical creator of swell imagery has brushed his way to an alternate reality. Some of us muster but one surf trip a year.  Aaron gets it each night when he connects with his pencil and paper. 

A place he’d rather be, and you’re invited. The land of Salty Vibes sizzles with warmth, wave perfection, rainbow barrels, bearded sea dogs and hula babes.

This is a sidewalk painting you’d gladly jump right into. So go on, get in there and dance with some penguins. 


Commission & Work

Aaron works with various mediums for private commission or corporate branding in surf and pop culture.  From pencil to paper, onto canvas, timber or surfboard, helping him create his magic are acrylic paints, paint pens, goache, inks and watercolours.  His iconic work has been sold in the USA, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Europe. Described as “capturing the emotion and memories of moments in surfing”, he uses vibrant colours and stylized characters. Check the online store for drool worthy pieces, or get in touch for a rad solution that’ll make you smile and dream at every glance.